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Membership Card

All members receive a personalized membership card to share with others or prominently display in their office or workspace.

Association Newsletter

Get the latest and greatest delivered to your inbox every month and accessible in the Members-Only NEWS section. 

Upcoming events, member highlights, association news, industry insights, and best practices.

Member Directory Listing

Searchable databases of NACP members  individuals and organizations.

Members can update information in the membership portal. 

Events - Free Attendance

Get to know your benefits and other members at our Welcome Aboard sessions, Member Event Spotlight and Member Extras events, and other networking opportunities that we offer to all our members free of charge.


Discussions are great ways to share challenges, successes, learn from each other and explore new skills and ideas.

Join the conversation with forums that encourages conversations regarding Chambers/Associations, Charities, Churches/places of worship, Fundraising, Grants, HR, Outreach/Marketing, and more!  Also, a great place to post job openings and highlight interest in those seeking employment.    

Career Quizzes & Assessments

Whether you are seeking to join the workforce, advance your career or improve management performance and organization success, we have an assessment that can help direct your energy and focus on the skills that matter.


Online learning is a flexible option for all members. Free and discounted educational opportunities through our E-Learning and Certification Programs. Light Learns for those short on time, Intro Classes, the Community Biz Academy, and Certifications for career advancement.

Business Quizzes & Assessments

Increase your awareness and continue to advance your business goals with Small Business Knowledge, Leadership Skills, and Marketing quizzes.

Business Templates & Checklists

More than 100 exclusive templates, samples, and checklists to effectively manage or jumpstart Board of Directors, Community Programs, customers/members, financial matters, marketing/outreach, H/R, interns and volunteers. 

Teaching Resources

Instant curriculum and training materials for program staff, supervisors, leaders, and other community professions to deliver to their program participants, students, and staff.  Complete ready to use curriculum training material and lesson plans for Work/Job readiness; Work Experience; Leadership Skills Education; Professional Skills Development; Work Safety; Interpersonal Skills; and Customer Service. 

Business Directory Listing

Searchable database of NACP business members and their associated business members.


Members with access can update information in the membership portal.

Marketing - Custom Webpage

More than a business listing, NPLI's Community Marketplace is like the super-charged yellow-pages listing only nonprofits, community professionals, and others offering products, solutions, and opportunities for nonprofits!

NACP members are encouraged to list their companies.  Bronze listing is free to all, even non-members.  For NACP enterprise members, a Gold listing is free for the year. 

Exclusive Discounts - Public Events

Networking, social gatherings, learning events online and in-person.  All members receive exclusive discounts to all open to the public events.

Exclusive Discounts - Virtual Coaching

Virtual Management Coaching is available to all NACP members at a 50% discount.  Always available to enrollment. 

Exclusive Discounts - CEU's

A number of our events are educational and include an opportunity for attendees to earn continuing education units (CEU's).

All members are invited and receive exclusive discounts. 

Exclusive Discounts - Certifications

We offer 15 professional certification programs.  All members receive exclusive discounts on everything, including application fees.

Exclusive Discounts - Promotional Oppty's

Opportunities to partner, co-host events, sponsor special activities, and more.

All members are given V.I.P. treatment and exclusive invitations. 

National Association of Community Professionals is a subsidiary of NPLI Management Solutions, Inc.
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